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Making creative institutional presentations? Yes, it is possible!

Making creative institutional presentations? Yes, it is possible!

In this blog post, we will address the subject of creative institutional presentations. In a laid-back and positive way, we try to show our readers that all presentations, in this particular case, institutional presentations, have an immense potential!

We live in a time of change; a time when things happen overnight. We are daily spectators of life in a disruptive age, whose evolutionary pace does not seem to slow down.

In fact, not so long ago, only few people had access to mobile phones or computers. And the Internet was a universe unknown to the general public.

Today, we are part of a lucky generation because we are active participants in an unprecedented global revolution which has changed lives forever.

The digital age is tangible in every aspect of our everyday life; young and old, we all rely on digital. The use of the mobile phone, the computer and the Internet, as well as the interdependent ways that these and other tools relate, arises as something perfectly intuitive and elementary in our way of living.

It is a fact that the world has changed a lot in the last 20-30 years, but there are things that have remained unchanged. I’m talking about the institutional presentations of many companies around the world.

Even today, it is possible to see presentations that make us go back in time. To an era that, despite being close, already seems to be so far away, specially if we take into account all the progress we see in other areas.

Although there are already companies around the world that are developing creative and dynamic institutional presentations, many still communicate as if we were still in 1998, walking around the Lisbon World Exposition holding a pager.

We need to change the mindset; follow the trends and be in the present – after all, we are well into the year 2018.

We should see presentations as a unique opportunity to communicate with an audience.


It is necessary that both people and companies see presentations as key moments of communication, which will certainly define the way companies are perceived.

So, what is the formula for this change? How can we turn institutional presentations into creative, innovative and engaging institutional presentations?

Firstly, and as I was saying earlier, it is necessary that people see the moment of communicating as a key moment, in which they want to shine. It should be thrilling and captivating for the audience.

Realizing this need, we must start by defining the following:


What is the target audience

What is the communication purpose

What is the form/style of communication


That being said, it is necessary to understand the content we’re working with, organising it in a structured way so that it makes sense, thus creating a rational sequence.


This third phase is very important, because this is the moment when creative ideas begin to emerge, and the point at which the presentation starts coming to life.

A concept that makes sense to the presenter and that fits in with the content that is to be transmitted must be defined. Then, the storytelling is developed, as well as a visual identity, cohesive with the concept (more info on the blog post about storytelling).

Ideas and creativity can be diverse. The story or design can be related to superheroes, movies, historical events or even a personal story. The possibilities are immense; the creativity steps just need to be coherent with the three previously mentioned steps and be developed in a concerted and structured way.

In short, all presentations have enormous potential, but it is necessary that their creation be understood in another way. In a way that transforms them into something engaging and dynamic, so that they spark the audience’s curiosity and interest in knowing more.