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What we do


Event Presentations

If you’re investing in the organisation of an event, presential or virtual, don’t waste your money and forget the reason behind it: conveying an important message. Investing in an impressive and visual presentation is crucial for the success of your event! Be it your annual company event, an important product launch, a sales team gathering or a conference, your presentation can help you be successful!

Reports and Analytical Presentations

The time when people had the patience to interpret a document full of text and data is over. You need to turn your content into something that grabs the reader attention by using amazing strategies of visual data and powerful infographics. Most of the time these presentations are also sent by email, so bear in mind that without the support of a presenter, the visuals and the design are even more important.

Presentations for Meetings

Poor slides ruin amazing projects. Imagens can help you explain your ideas, so don’t write your entire project on the slides. Simple and direct texts with an amazing design are the most effective way for making people understand your message. Whether you’re presenting your company, your project or your product, in a meeting room or by video conference, a straightforward presentation goes a long way to achieving your goals.

Corporate Templates

We know hiring us for every presentation happening in your company doesn’t make sense. We understand that, but that doesn’t mean slide design doesn’t matter. That’s why we can build a master template for your day-to-day presentations. This will allow everyone to “be on the same slide”, ensuring a coherent design for all corporate presentations.

Presentation to Email

We know not all presentations are made to be presented. So, if you need to send a presentation that is self-explanatory, talk to us. We know how to make your audience read the presentation from the first to the last page. Design and visuals are incredibly important in these cases, so let our designers help you being more effective. The output file can be a PDF or even a video, it all depends on what the goal is.

E-books and White Papers

Sometimes, you need to share important knowledge with your clients or your audience. These pieces of information are created to help people understand something in which you are an expert, so you need to offer nice and didactic documents with outstanding visuals. This will help the audience understand all the information, as well as increase your market credibility.